Jonathan: The pieces that I played were very enjoyable!

Zoe: The way you taught made it easier for me to learn the harder pieces!

Shelby: I liked playing more classical and modern pieces that I never knew before! 

Kyle: I loved to find out more about piano and music and play great pieces of wonderful music!

Lilirose; I liked to learn new songs and play them for people and make them happy!

Chloe:I Love To learn new  songs!

Max:  the group lessons are so fun!

Lars: lots of cool songs to learn!

Scarlett: I love my teacher!

Brandon: I love to play all the piano games during the group lessons!

Leah:  I love the group lessons, I love the Bingo Game!

Amelia: I Iove to meet all my friends during the group lessons!

Crue:  I love the recitals!