“I had a long journey finding a good piano teacher for my kids before I met Miss.Brenda. Since both  me and my husband also play piano, we tend to be very “picky” for finding a piano teacher who can meet all of our check list. Miss. Brenda truly exceed our expectation. Miss. Brenda not only is a loving teacher, but she also demonstrate her vast knowledge in piano teaching. My kids love going to the piano lesson, and they love to practice the piano. I am glad to find such an excellent teacher who shares the same thought with me, which is to make sure that our kids will always love & enjoy music down the road. I am happy to say that both of my kids are in good hands now. ”  Vivian C

“Miss Brenda is an excellent teacher who is constantly encouraging her students to do their personal best. She is always positive and makes learning how to play the piano fun. She keeps her students motivated with her “sticker sheets” and rewards the students with little treats! She also puts on two annual recitals. Her students are always prepared for the recitals and play music that will demonstrate the children’s strengths and abilities. She challenges her students but does it in a positive and loving manner. She ultimately encourages her students to not only learn music but to appreciate it as well. Thanks you Miss. Brenda! “~ Stefania M

“I have learned piano from Ms. Brenda for about two and half years. I really enjoy the lessons because Ms. Brenda is patient and makes the lesson fun and easy to understand. she also demonstrates vast knowledge in not only the techniques, but how to put feeling into the music as well. ”   ~ Talise O

“We are really glad that my daughter is learning music from Miss. Brenda. She teaches my daughter to enjoy music, to be into and have fun with music. Miss. Brenda always encourages my daughter strive for better performance at class, in recitals, and in CM exams. My daughter is looking forward to her next recital.”  ~ Hong W

“We searched for a school where our children can explore and appreciate music in a fun and challenging environment. Music education not only fostered the growth of our children as musicians, it also helped to develop their character as well-rounded individuals. At Brenda’s Piano Studio our children are able to achieve their musical milestones through dedication and enthusiasm for their art.” ~ Teresa C